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serve a verse hebrew bible explorer thank you for registering with serve a verse an email has been sent to go to your inbox and click on the link within the email in order to activate your account see hear and read the bible in hebrew bibleinhebrew you can play hebrew audio from a single verse to the whole book instead of sitting through an entire chapter like you re listening to an audiobook go straight to the specific bible verses you want to hear and play them at your own pace hebrew english bible – mechon mamre the whole hebrew bible in parallel verse by verse with the english translation of jewish publication society edition of 1917 mechon mamre bible and mishneh torah for all jews and in the name of the lord the everlasting god genesis 21 33 mechon mamre here you will find the hebrew bible tana"kh and the rambam s plete restatement of the oral law mishneh torah to her these give god s full guidance for both jews and gentiles in all times and places detailing what god expects us to do and not do free bible mentaries and bible study tools bible mentaries and bible study tools by dr bob utley professor of bible interpretation text mp3 and video lessons and sermons in 51 languages hebrew bible the hebrew bible also called the tanakh t ɑː ˈ n ɑː x תַּנַ״ךְ ‬ pronounced or also tenakh tenak tanach or mikra is the canonical collection of jewish texts which is also the textual source for the christian old testament read the bible a free bible on your phone tablet and make it your bible highlight or bookmark your favorite verses make verse that you can share and attach public or private notes to bible passages .

Holy Bible Audio: Hebrews Chapters 1 To 13 -- Full (Contemporary English)

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