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oremus bible browser donations the oremus bible browser is and always has been offered free of any charge if you would like to make a contribution to costs then donations can be accepted via amazon or paypal 1 beginning your new life in christ melanie newton melanie newton specializes in training women for lifestyle disciplemaking melanie has already equipped several hundred women representing more than 30 churches with the tools for disciplemaking in their everyday lives the beginning reader s bible the beginning reader s bible [thomas nelson] on amazon free shipping on qualifying offers this exceptionally illustrated bible storybook allows children to read the story pray to god and grow closer to him using actual bible text from the international children s bible as well as prayers oremus bible browser genesis 1 genesis six days of creation and the sabbath 1 in the beginning when god created the heavens and the earth 2 the earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep while a wind from god swept over the face of the waters chapter and verse divisions of the bible ageecreative iii chapter and verse divisions the purpose of the present division into chapters and verses was to facilitate reference these divisions sometimes but not generally ignore logical and natural divisions chapters and verses of the bible most important are the verse endings according to the talmudic tradition the division of the text into verses is of ancient origin in masoretic versions of the bible the end of a verse is indicated by a small mark in its final word called a silluq which means "stop" serve a verse hebrew bible explorer thank you for registering with serve a verse an email has been sent to go to your inbox and click on the link within the email in order to activate your account .

In The Beginning God Created Heaven And Earth – Noah And The Flood – Genesis – Chapter 1

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